Temple Leaders

Rebecca Sommers

Initiated into the mystery traditions by Karen Jackson, founder of the Temple of the Four Winds, Rebecca is a ritualist at heart. She studies ceremonies of various traditions to find the common threads of a greater tapestry under which we all reside. Our spiritual interwoven common threads are what truly connects us.

Rebecca has been a member of the Temple of the Four Winds (Evanston) and trained with the Magickal Wiccan Circle (formerly of Elgin) as well as private covens. She is the leader of Tir na nOg Temple which provides a foundation in Earth Spiritualist Systems. She has been teaching for over 30 years, as well as training others to teach. She shares her love of learning and she understands what it takes to inspire and engage others.

Rebecca is able to perform ceremonies in her tradition including, weddings, handfastings, ceremonies, cronings, namings and vow renewals.

Ashley Michelle

Ashley was raised in a spiritually eclectic home. Her Father, though having been raised Jewish was a certified hypnotherapist, crystal ball gazer and frequent visitor to the occult bookstores. Ashley was taught to believe in God (whatever that meant to her) and to treat people as she would like to be treated. She was able to grow uninhibited by others views and experience life as she saw fit. Ashley always knew she was spiritually different and for a time thought no one else saw the world as she did. After meeting Rebecca, Ashley was encouraged to explore her beliefs, to delve further into what makes her feel connected. Ashley learned quickly that she fit right in with Earth Based Spirituality and realized she was not alone. 

Ashley has studied and explored many paths, topics and philosophies over the last several years. She has traveled abroad, immersed herself in the sacred sites, studied with leaders of the pagan community and walked away changed forever.

Ashley, being a healer at heart hopes to bring about understanding, knowledge, a feeling of wholeness and most importantly a community that becomes family. 



Growing up, Chelsey felt there was much missing from her religious upbringing and had a hard time reconciling her beliefs (of evolution and the sanctity of nature) with the tenets of her family’s faith system.  In her early teen years she starting researching Wicca and Paganism and found that much of what she held true in her heart were the foundations of these practices.  After many years of study and internal debate of what path she wanted to follow, she joined the Kindred Spirits group and began her dedication to (knowledge and) the practice of Earth based spirituality.  She has been a student and volunteer at Kindred Spirits Intuitive Arts and Wellness Center since its opening and has attended workshops offered by many prominent figures in the community, including renowned authors Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone.  She has found a love of teaching and encouraging others to dig deeper in search of knowledge.  She is an Instructor with the Tir na nOg Temple, and though she follows an eclectic Celtic path, she enjoys learning from and experiencing all paths.  She says that while she is in the “broom closet” with her natural family, the community that has developed through the temple has become her spiritual family, with whom she never has to hide and can always be herself.