Tír na nÓg  Temple

New Temple Class Changes

Since the beginning of Temple Classes in March of 2012 our goal has been to educate those with an interest in Earth Spiritualist practices. We share our combined experiences through teaching classes, workshops and hosting events in which the student can obtain a deeper understanding of ceremonies and rituals. 

We endeavor to provide the student with the best experience possible and to maintain the integrity of the information shared. It is to this goal that we continue to make changes to the program that will benefit the greater community.

Instead of an 8 week program consisting of 16 hours worth of theory and practical experiences, we will be offering weekend intensive workshops.

Beginning at 10am on Saturday and running until 6pm on a Sunday, we will cover the previous curriculum (16 hours) in a condensed format. This allows those unable to travel back and forth great distances over an 8 week time period to join us for a weekend intensive where they would not previously been able to participate.

We feel this new program provides these benefits:

  • The new schedule opens up dates to attend events. Oftentimes with the previous schedule participants had to choose between attending classes or attending New Moons, Full Moons and Sabbats, which meant traveling to the temple for 4-5 events per month.
  • Less time spent commuting and less cancellations due to weather, storms, snow, etc. 
  • Same amount of class time spent together but more community time for meeting others at our events.
  • Instead of one teacher per class, there will be 2-3 teachers during the workshop. Temple Elders are then given a chance to participate in your education  and community development. All in all, you will have more interaction with a greater number of experienced individuals.
  • Access to more information in a shorter time span provides a firm foundation as opposed to being given bits and pieces over time. This means more continuity in learning.
  • These new weekend workshops include an overnight accommodation which provides additional time to get to know one another and form friendships that nurture community.

The weekend intensive workshop includes an invitation to initiate into Tirnanog Temple should the participant choose to, as well as admission to monthly Sabbats and/or New Moon, Full Moon ceremonies. 

The class cost is $110.00 for the weekend intensive, this includes a breakfast, lunch and a dinner during the weekend, as well as beverages and snacks. On site sharing accommodation is included.

To be considered registered, one must provide a non-refundable deposit of $40.00 with the remaining balance due one week prior to the workshop. The minimum number of students to hold a weekend intensive is 6, with a maximum of 10 people. In the event of a cancellation due to an emergency, a credit will be offered towards a future class. 

Additional information, along with the event location will be provided upon your registration.

Temple One Curriculum

Temple Level One - Theoretical- These classes are to prepare the student to eventually lead Temple ceremonies and rituals. The content of classes present the framework in which we operate. After completion, the student is offered initiation into Tir na nOg Temple and may enter the Temple Two classes. 


History of Earth Religions/Pagan/Wicca

Where have we been and where are we going. Examine the history of earth spiritual/ pagan beginnings and see how it can be found in myth, sacred sites and history books.

Rules of Magick 

How do the universal laws support our actions. What is the threefold law and do we need it? What are the ethics in what we do. We discuss how we use the energies around us to strengthen the power within us. We do not use that power for "power over" others.

The Elements - Earth, Air, Fire & Water

Empedocles believed that the world was made up of the 4 elements. In this session we will focus on the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We will watch a video on "How the Earth was Made" as well as discuss the elemental correspondences.We will conduct a meditation with Earth and Air and discuss grounding techniques. Then we will explore whether Water has memory and then delve into the Fire realm with one of our most popular sessions - the Fire cauldron.

Sacred Space & Ritual Tools

How do we create sacred space? What are ritual tools? Do we need them? How do they affect us and do we need to use them in ritual? We now incorporate the elements and discuss how to put all of this information into action.

The Moon Phases & Planetary Correspondences 

Learn how the many moon phases lend to our lives as we live in harmony with the wheel of the year and how we follow the moon and planetary designations.

 The Wheel of the Year

Learn about the Sabbats, Esbats, Equinoxes and Solstices. Follow the wheel of the year and learn about the microcosm and macrocosm of living in accordance with nature.

Ritual Construction

We learn how to construct a ritual and plan a central act of magick. After this class we will have the students start to plan rituals for the temple with a mentor from the other groups.